The U of MN Pain Consortium brings together researchers, clinicians, students and the broader community towards the shared goal of reducing the burden of pain through increased communication and collaboration in research and education. Within the Consortium collective, we strive to understand the mechanisms of various forms of pain with the ultimate goal being improved treatments which bypass the addiction pathways. 

The universal phenomenon of pain causes tremendous human suffering and compromises individual quality of life and collective social productivity. Thirty percent of the U.S. population experiences chronic pain at some level. Of those affected, 50-60% are dramatically disabled for a few days, several months, or the remainder of their lives. Recent estimated pain-related financial losses exceed $100 billion/year. Control of pain is possible in some, but not all, chronic pain patients. Pain of neuropathic origin is often refractory to any traditional methods of treatment. At the U of M Pain Consortium, we are looking for ways to provide safe and effective relief for those impacted by chronic pain.